Genie 760 Direct Drive Liquid Probe


The safest and most versatile non-membrane tip probes available on the market!

The Direct Drive™ Model 760 is an adjustable length probe without a membrane tip. It can be used to sample liquids, gases that do not require a membrane or contain more entrained liquid than a membrane can handle, or high temperature gases. Applications that require vaporizing a liquid sample at the tap should use the Model 761, a low internal volume version of the Model 760. The 760 can be safely inserted into pressurized sources up to 3750 PSIG. Unlike other competitive insertion probes that require brute physical force or hydraulics applied to the backside of the probe for insertion, this probe is easily installed through a full port valve using either an open end or speed wrench.

The 760 probe is offered with both threaded and flanged process connections, exotic materials of
construction, and optional coatings from Silcotek™. The Model 760 can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and its installation process is simple and straight forward. Many features of the 760 combine to make it the safest, most durable probe available on the market. It’s unique, one-piece body design with double mechanical safety interlocks to prevent the probe from self-retracting under any failure scenario. A
thread die cleans the probe’s threads to ensure proper engagement with mating parts, providing for a smooth retraction even after extended periods of service. A Genie® 133 Probe Assembly option is available for gas sampling applications where a membrane tipped probe cannot be used. This simple assembly includes a Genie® Supreme Model 133 Membrane Separator™ mounted onto the outlet of a Direct Drive™ Model 760. See Genie® 133 literature for details.

» DEMO VIDEO - Genie® Direct Drive™ Probe Insertion | Retraction
» DEMO VIDEO - Genie® Direct Drive™ Probe Packing Gland Seal Maintenance


  • Easy, quick, and safe insertion and extraction from pressurized systems without a special insertion device
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Probe design prevents harmonic oscillations from occurring
  • Long service life
  • Easy maintenance in the field


  • Unique, one piece body design with threaded or flanged connections
  • Adjustable length
  • Antifriction internal thread die
  • Non-rigid probe connection/seal provides mechanical dampering between probe and probe base
  • Speed wrench for faster installation