Pressure Regulators

Genie® Regulators are designed specifically for analytical gas sample conditioning systems. Low internal volume allows sample integrity to be more effectively preserved and purged much quicker than larger regulators. Their stainless-steel housings contain a piston-style sensing element that increases reliability and eliminates the chance of rupture commonly seen with diaphragm regulators. In addition to the Model GR™ Genie® Pressure Regulator, A+ manufactures the Model JTR™ Joule-Thomson Regulator, which is a patented, multi-piston 4-stage regulator. It not only eliminates the need for purchasing and installing multiple regulators but also minimizes the required space needed when multiple pressure reductions are required for a sample. Both regulators are available with heated options, keeping the sample above its hydrocarbon dew point temperature, thus avoiding condensation and maintaining sample integrity.