Membrane Separators

A+’s Genie® Membrane Separators™ are extremely effective sample conditioning system components used to preserve sample integrity and protect sensitive analyzers. The Genie® Supreme Series™ ports are located on the body so there’s no need to break tubing fittings for routine maintenance and the low internal volume of these units minimizes dead space for the most efficient sample path. The 100 Series Genie® Supreme Membrane Separators™ incorporates our legendary phase separation Genie® Membrane. The Genie® Membrane Technology ™ allows only vapor to pass through while any liquids or particulates are rejected and thus kept out of the analyzer. Our patented Liquid Block™ option adds 100% protection by shutting off flow completely during instances of excessive differential pressure across the membrane. It’s hands-free auto-reset function allows for normal flow to return once liquids are drained through the bypass port. The 200 Series™ Genie® Supreme Membrane Separators™ remove 100% of suspended, immiscible liquids in liquid hydrocarbon samples, which allow only hydrocarbon liquid sample to flow to an analyzer. This action protects analyzers against damage to analyzers and sample system components.