NGSTech Conference Information

NGSTech Conference Information

About Natural Gas Sampling Technology Conference:

The NGSTech Conference is presented in association with Natural Gas Sampling Technology, Inc., an emerging non-profit industry association dedicated to providing educational opportunities to the energy industry in the science and advancement of hydrocarbon sampling.  The NGSTech Conference is an educational and informational forum in which energy industry professionals share the latest in hydrocarbon sampling research, technological developments, processes, and applications.  The conference will feature presentations and discussions related to the sampling and analysis of natural gas, gas condensate, liquefied natural gas and petroleum liquids, as well as other important associated topics. Manufacturers of equipment, as well as service specialists will be on hand to exhibit the systems and services that can enable participants to achieve their sampling and analytical objectives.  NGSTech is a unique opportunity for energy industry professionals to participate in the world’s first, one-of-a-kind petroleum sampling and technology conference.

Improper methods utilized during the collection and sample conditioning of products are among the largest sources of error and uncertainty in the overall process of hydrocarbon compositional measurement. The accurate determination of product quality and value is totally dependent upon representative, reliable and technically defensible sample collection, conditioning and analytical processes.  Ensuring that each of these processes is accomplished with optimal integrity is why NGSTech is such a vital resource for today’s energy professionals.

The NGSTech Conference provides what few other conferences offer; a forum dedicated solely to the latest in sample conditioning research and technology developments, and the impact of such on achieving accurate hydrocarbon measurement and optimal value.  NGSTech Conference speakers are acclaimed industry professionals who are experts in their respective fields and disciplines. Their enthusiastic response to the conference, and their eagerness to present the latest in hydrocarbon sampling research and development, promise to make NGSTech a valuable experience for all involved.

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