Application driven sampling solutions vs. One-size-fits-all standardized solutions

Buying a one-size-fits-all sample system will either lead to an overly-designed, costly system or a simplistic, ill-suited system. On the contrary, taking a standardized design approach will yield a customized solution that not only assures the sample system is correct for the specific application but also has the following added benefits:

  • Assures that a representative sample arrives at the analyzer, in the same state and with the same properties as found within the pipe or process
  • Eliminates elevated initial purchase cost associated with an overly-designed system or performance issues caused by an under-designed system
  • Reduces installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting costs while promoting easy operation since system is custom tailored to the application

What does taking a standardized design approach mean?

By standardizing on the type of information collected for each sampling application and selecting the appropriate sampling equipment based on Equations of State Software output, we are able to consistently and effectively design sample systems especially fit for each specific application. Information needed for this approach includes:

  • Analysis Purpose: BTU value, contaminant values, dew points, custody transfer vs plant operations
  • Sample Composition: Characteristics of the product being analyzed
  • Possible Impacts: How the product may be impacted by pressure and temperature changes for source and ambient conditions
  • Site Limitations: dimensional requirements/restrictions, available power, electrical classifications

Once the information is gathered, a standardized, systematic approach ensures that the application drives the solution and the design approach is objective and based on sound principles of science. Making a conscious effort to identify and review the information above for each sampling application allows the sample system to be designed correctly.

Our Analytically Correct™ Engineered Systems deliver a custom solution for each customer’s specific application. Click here for more information on our ACES Sample Systems.