Trace Measurement Sample Systems Introduction

– 550 series –

As technology evolves to produce smaller, more capable and cost effective analyzers, it gives industry the ability to measure trace components at extremely low levels. Reducing the levels of moisture, oxygen or contaminants can improve device quality and yields.

When liquid hydrocarbons and excess water vapor combine to form a hydrate and are present in the stream; they can reduce flow, damage equipment such as valves and compressors and obstruct areas of the piping. The lifespan of process piping is determined by the effects of corrosion present once it has been oxidized with the presence of moisture. The measurement of trace moisture in gas is one example of an important parameter for processing, storage, transportation and global conformance specifications. Another example is trace measurement of sulfur and sulfer compounds like H2S.

Increased global competition and the need to improve production efficiency while providing consistency in quality controls are driving our industry partners
to enhance measurements. Requirements for results in the single digit ppm range or even the ppb range are becoming more common. Results in a matter of seconds rather than hours are in demand. The sampling experts at A+ Corporation work with industry partners to develop Analytically Correct Engineered Systems™, a complete line of sample extraction and preconditioning sample systems to reliably extract representative samples with minimal delay while protecting the analyzer.


Trace Measurement Sample System Component Breakdown

Genie® 750LV Direct Drive Probe
Known to be the safest, most versatile probes on the market, they are adjustable in length, low volume and can be easily inserted into pressurized sources.

Genie® Heated Pressure Regulators
A+ pressure regulators are designed specifically for sample handling. The self-limiting heater block on either the single-stage GHR or the four-stage JTR-H compensates for the JT cooling effect to help preserve sample integrity.

SilcoTek® Specialty Coatings
The surfaces of the entire sample path are Dursan® coated to help minimize sample delay associated with adsorption. Treated surfaces are more inert and durable, thus preventing corrosion and fouling. Dursan® and SilcoNert® 2000 Coating Comparison Guide

Insulated Enclosure
This case allows the sample pressure and enclosure temperature to be monitored at a quick glance, without having to remove the enclosure. For complete access to system components, one or both sides can be completely removed.


Power Requirement: 110 to 265 VAC, 80W or 24VDC, 25W

Electrical Connection Approval: ATEX/IECEx: II2G Ex db IIC T3 CSA: Class 1, Division 1, Group C&D, T3


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