With tens of thousands of products in the field at any given time, we know how important it is that your products withstand extreme process conditions and that you can count on them.  Knowing that our standard product materials of construction may require extra protection, and exotic materials can often be pricey, we have partnered with SilcoTek to offer specialty coatings for our line of sample conditioning components.  Specialty coatings are a great alternative to expensive exotic materials and are suitable for many extreme applications.  We offer the following coatings for all of our products. Contact your local distributor for pricing and availability.

Avenger Coalescing & Particulate Filter
Genie® Direct Drive 755



SilcoNert 2000 (aka Sulfinert)

This coating is recommended for all sample wetted metal components in a sample system when analyzing for parts-per-billion levels of organo-sulfur compounds & mercury.   It greatly reduces the absorption and storage of H2S in stainless steel that will cause inaccurate and delayed analyzer readings.  It is a necessity when trying to analyze PPB levels of H2S.

Silcolloy 1000 (aka Silcosteel-CR)

This coating provides a corrosion resistant layer that increases the lifetime of system components in acidic environments containing hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, or seawater.   It can be used in some corrosive processes as a less expensive alternative to exotic material of construction such as Monel.


This coating is part of the next generation of glass coating technology.   It is a high durability, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and inert coating that is ideal for field sampling, process, oil and gas applications.  Though it has a slightly higher price, this coating has the benefits of SilcoNert 2000, Silcolloy 1000, and more.

Dursan® and SilcoNert® 2000 Coating Comparison Guide

For more information on SilcoTek and the available coatings, please visit our Direct Line Partner page on SilcoTek’s site.