When sampling and analyzing natural gas that is wet (condensing or at its dew point) or supercritical (dense phase), it is important that the sample system designer and operator understand the unique characteristics and phase behavior of the gas stream being analyzed. When sampling high pressure natural gas streams, special consideration should be given to the amount of Joule-Thomson cooling that will occur during the pressure reduction and the type of pressure regulator chosen to carry out the pressure reduction task.

Here at A+ we have learned a great deal about sampling these kinds of natural gas streams and can assist you with the design and assembly of sample conditioning systems for these and other operating conditions. Below is a list of some of our products that are commonly used to sample wet, high pressure, and supercritical natural gas. They can be ordered individually or configured into one of our Analytically Correct Engineered Systems (ACES™) that has been customized to meet your specific needs.