The following sampling products designed and manufactured by A+ Corporation are now being made available for purchase through A+ Corporation and its entire distribution network.

  • Genie® Heated Pressure Regulator – Model GHR – A single stage pressure regulator designed specifically for use in gas analyzer systems, outfitted with a self-limiting block heater to prevent condensation from occurring as a result of Joule-Thomson cooling or low operating/ambient temperature conditions.
  • Genie® Joule Thomson Regulator – Models JTR & JTR-H – A four stage pressure regulator specifically designed for gas analyzer systems to provide outlet pressure stability even when the supply pressure fluctuates, which is a common occurrence at natural gas storage facilities. The JTR was also designed to prevent condensation caused by Joule-Thomson cooling, which is a common problem when sampling high pressure gases and natural gas having a high hydrocarbon/moisture dew point or high BTU value. The Model JTR can be outfitted with a self-limiting block heater and becomes known as the Model JTR-H.
  • Genie® Vaporizer  – Model GV – A liquid sample vaporizer having more heat transfer capacity than existing vaporizing regulators and designed to provide a uniform flow of homogenous vapor sample that is representative of the liquid sample composition.
  • DaVinci Modular Analyzer Distribution Panel – A single modular board capable of supplying up to four different analyzers with low pressure gas samples from a single source. The pressure regulators are individually isolated so that the use of one device does not impact the pressures of the other devices.
  • DaVinci Modular Moisture Board – A compact, modular sample conditioning panel specifically designed for use with moisture analyzers. Standard components are: Genie® Model 120 Membrane Filter with Liquid Bock™, Genie® GR Pressure Regulator, drain, bypass and sample flow meters.

The reintroduction of these products sold directly through A+ is in line with our global marketing strategy, which is to utilize all of our technology to solve customers’ complex sampling problems – especially those challenges created by the shale gas market. For these sampling products and others, view our product listings.