A customer was on an internal committee addressing sample conditioning system designs and has been tasked with improving their sample conditioning systems at various sites. He has progress deadlines that he will need to meet for each step of these improvements…We initially quoted him a lead time of 4-5 weeks for these 38Ms, which he understood & accepted, but was going to have to justify internally due to management’s push for faster installation. We were then able to offer a shipment of (10) units the first week & (10) more each week thereafter until the complete order was fulfilled.


We shipped the first (10) units on time and I had a meeting w/Melvin to explain the customer’s situation. In spite of being short-handed in the Manufacturing & Shipping, Melvin started etching units himself, Sean helped wherever necessary and everyone in the back worked to get all of the remaining units assembled, tested & shipped in 2 weeks rather than the original 4-5 weeks we thought it would take…..The 701s were also delivered faster than originally quoted.


Everything delivered way ahead of schedule. I followed up with the customer and he was ecstatic. He wanted me to pass along his appreciation of everyone’s hard work b/c it put him ahead of schedule and made him look very good in his bosses’ eyes. He also told me that more orders are to come. We were able to exceed his expectations b/c of a team effort from Manufacturing going above & beyond.

A+ Corporation, CRM Report #423