High Dew Point, Rich Gas Sampling

Designing a sample conditioning system for sampling natural gas in places such as storage facilities can be challenging for several reasons.

Sample System Component Breakdown

ACES™ systems are designed to meet specific application needs; ensuring sample integrity is maintained throughout the sample extraction and pre-conditioning process. One example made specifically for High Dew Point/Rich Gas consists of a Genie® Direct Drive™ 750 probe and a JTR-H™ four stage heated pressure regulator in a heated enclosure and can be installed and maintained on a pressurized source without a special insertion device. It is best suited for sampling high pressure natural gas near its dew point and/or low source temperature or at locations where the source pressure fluctuates.

The Genie® Direct Drive™ 750 probe tip contains Genie® Membrane Technology™ which separates unwanted liquid aerosols and droplets from the gas sample at process conditions. Next, the JTR-H™ heated pressure regulator reduces the sample pressure in multiple stages; supplying a steady output pressure even when exposed to swings in supply pressure commonly found in storage facilities and preventing condensation from occurring as a result of Joule-Thomson (JT cooling).

Rounding off our Analytically Correct™ Engineered Systems is a vertical heated enclosure. These enclosures minimize the effect of ambient temperature on the sample to further avoid condensation. These combined actions produce a low-pressure, liquid -free sample that is representative of the source and ready for transport to the analyzer.

Component Breakdown

Genie® Direct Drive™ 750 Probe The safest, most versatile probe on the market, the 750 can be easily inserted at various depths through a full port valve into sources pressurized up to 3750 psig. Genie® Membrane Technology™ on the probe tip excludes contaminants from the sample handling system and helps to ensure that a representative sample is extracted.

Genie® JTR-H™ This revolutionary product containing four stages of heated pressure regulation in one 316 stainless steel housing was specifically designed for gas analytical systems. JTR-H™ can tolerate wide variations in supply pressure and still maintain a stable outlet pressure.  The design of the JTR-H™ inherently enhances heat transfer from the simple self-limiting heater block to the sample to counter act Joule-Thomson (JT) cooling and prevent sample distortion due to condensation.

Insulated Enclosure This insulated sample system case allows the sample pressure and enclosure temperature to be monitored at a quick glance, without having to remove the enclosure. For complete access to system components, one or both sides can be completely removed. Additionally, the entire system is mounted to the enclosure coupling, NOT the probe like other systems on the market. Insert and retract your sample probe freely by completely removing the enclosure while keeping all other components, such as filters, external regulators, gauges, and tubing, undisturbed. This patented technology is the first of its kind saving maintenance time and eliminating field frustrations.

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