Brute physical force or hydraulics are a thing of the past now with A+ Corporation’s new Direct Drive Variable Length Insertion Sample Probe for liquid sampling.

When it comes to sample probes, no one does it better. Our commitment to continuously offer the safest, highest quality products available at competitive prices rings true once again with the release of our newest sample probe – Genie® Direct Drive Model 760 liquid sample probe. The 760 is a retractable liquid sample probe that can be safely inserted into pressurized sources up to 3750 PSIG, minimizing the risk of both personal injury to technicians and plant or pipeline operational down time.

Unlike similar competitive probes that require brute physical force or hydraulics applied to the backside of the probe for insertion, the 760 only requires an open end or optional speed wrench for installation. Its uniquely designed body contains double mechanical safety interlocks to prevent the probe from self retracting under any failure scenario. Based off of our Direct Drive platform of retractable sample probes, it is much safer and easier to install than any other liquid sample probe currently available on the market.

Our proprietary anti-friction coating provides smooth insertion of the probe without galling or cross threading. A thread die cleans the probe’s threads to ensure proper engagement with mating parts, providing for a smooth retraction even after extended periods of service. This product is now available for immediate order within standard lead times.

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