UPDATE: New Genie 133 Preconditioning System Replaces Current 745


[9.24.19] Enjoy the upgraded performance and the convenience of our patented vertical enclosure design with our redesigned 133 Preconditioning System! This change gives the new system a much smaller footprint, increased liquid-rejecting and draining capabilities, the option to include a JTR-H, and finally, much-improved lead times. Additionally, the Genie 133 redesign removed the need for the liquid deflector normally installed directly beneath it.

Read about the new Genie 133 Preconditioning System here. Contact us today for your 745 replacement part number.

[5.09.13] A+ Corporation has introduced a new sample extraction and conditioning system designed to protect H2S, CO2, O2, and H2O analyzers when online contaminant analyses of natural gas is being performed at locations where large quantities of free liquids (hydrocarbons, water, corrosion inhibitors, methanol, scavengers) are continuously present. This device is especially suited for sampling points located in gathering lines and processing plant inlets where the analysis data is used to optimize process control.

The 745 Preconditioning Assembly is designed to provide a liquid free, low pressure sample gas to an analyzer even when large quantities of free liquids are continuously present. This sample system consists of a vertically mounted, non-membrane tip Direct Drive™ probe for sample extraction, a Genie® Membrane Separator™ and Avenger™ Coalescing Filter for liquid removal, and a Genie® Heated Regulator for pressure reduction without Joule-Thomson (JT) cooling effects. The membrane separator, coalescing filter and heated regulator have been designed into a compact single unit that mounts on top of the probe, inside of an insulated enclosure or flexible insulated KOZY™ wrap.

Because of the increased production of natural gas from shale gas formations, more sampling is being performed closer to the wellhead and gathering lines. Producers and midstream companies require concentration information on components such as H2S, CO2, and H2O for process control at the inlet of gas processing plants. Our customers requested that we develop a sample system to deal with these extreme sample points in order to optimize plant operations and meet safety and regulatory requirements.

We partnered with a major midstream company to conduct extensive beta testing of the 745 at some of their most extreme sample extraction points where traditional sampling equipment was only able to operate a few days after being installed. Our sample conditioning system performed exceptionally well without major modifications from the original design. In every case, it allowed our customer to get an analysis where it was not previously possible. This product was developed as a result of A+ Corporation working closely with our customers to solve their sample conditioning system problems. The product is in line with our core philosophy of providing simple solutions to complex sample and conditioning problems.