New Wet Gas System Replaces Genie Model 745

Enjoy upgraded performance and the convenience of our vertical enclosure design with A+’s redesigned Wet Gas System! This change gives the new system a much smaller footprint with the convenience of our patented ACES design that allows the entire enclosure to be easily and quickly removed for 100% access to the sample conditioning components.

The Genie Model 133 has been redesigned to include larger passages for increased liquid-rejecting capability and improved draining ability. In doing so, we focused on making the liquid return drain to the process more efficient and removed the need for the bypass in the system. Additionally, the screw off cover of the 133 allows for much easier maintenance, when compared to 745 maintenance, as well as availability of standard kit part numbers that you are already familiar with.

The heated regulator has been moved away from the membrane to make the Genie Membrane Technology more efficient, and customers now have a choice between the single-stage GHR and four-stage JTR-H.

Finally, this change allows for the lead times of the systems to shorten from roughly 14 weeks to our standard ACES range of approximately 4 weeks.

Contact your local distributor for your 745 replacement part number.