At A+ Corporation, we strive for continuous improvement of our products. These updates reflect our vision of being the leaders in our industry. We want to make you aware of some design improvements and new product options for the Direct Drive Sample Probe product family. These sample probe updates are in line with our continuous improvement of current technology to better serve your sampling needs.

Threaded and Flanged Process Connections

All probes are now offered with both NPT threaded and flanged process connections. For flanged process connections, we can supply either an NPT threaded probe with a specified threaded adapter flange OR a unibody flanged probe whereas the flange is machined as part of the probe body. The unibody flanged option is a good choice for those customers who cannot accept a threaded connection between the probe and flange, due to concerns of possible leakage in this area.


SilcoTek™ Coatings and Exotic Materials

Optional coatings from Silcotek™ are available for all models, and exotic materials of construction (Duplex SS 205, Hastelloy C276, Inconel 625, & Monel 400) can be quoted on a custom basis for models 750 & 760. Check out our Specialty Coatings page for more information on of the most common exotic coatings for your orders.

Sample Probe Packing Nut Improvement

A nylon bushing has been added into the packing nut to provide for a smoother operation while inserting and retracting the sample probe.




Probe Regulator Seat Cartridge

The regulator seat cartridge of the Model 755 has been modified for easier access and field service. It is important to note that a serial number will now be required to determine the correct replacement cartridge part number. Serial numbers 48766 & greater will use part # 755-771SS. Please contact the factory for serial numbers below 48766 for the appropriate replacement cartridge part number. Should you have any questions or comments on these Direct Drive sample probe updates, please feel free to contact us.