“Thank you for providing great products and support time and time again throughout the past 13 years that I have been in the measurement industry. I cannot count the number of times that a genie 120LB has saved one of my analyzers from being slammed with liquids. The 701 probe has been utilized in changing our way of sampling and the results have been as they should, by having the best single-phase representative sample being analyzed. I have used and currently use most of what you have to offer for all my analyzers and couldn’t be happier. Most importantly, I hold the time that Don Mayeaux spent answering my questions (A LOT OF QUESTIONS) when I was new to the sampling/analyzer world when I began. He always treated me as I wanted to be treated. There wasn’t a question that he didn’t have an answer for, or the time to answer it. I have been a Genie products user for a long time now and I do not intend on changing, ever. This is because of how I am continually treated as, well the best way to put is FAMILY. Thank you so much for your support and products and I look forward to seeing what you are going to create next.”

Sincerely, Daniel Tiller [of Enlink Midstream]