The A+ Corporation and the Mayeaux family of Gonzales, LA, were honored with the first ever Galliard Excellence Award at a ceremony held during the Galliard Family Business Advisor National Gathering in Denver, CO. The award recognizes the family and the Corporation for their tireless work in creating a successful business transition. As part of that transition, A+ Corporation has created and implemented strategic plans, developed a successful sibling leadership team, created family and business governance structures, and managed the overall business succession from the founder Don Mayeaux to the second generation.

Presenting the award, Galliard founder, Lisë Stewart, celebrated their success story and its noteworthy example of how it should be done. “We celebrate the success of A+ Corporation because we believe it gives us hope that – with thoughtful and careful attention to both family and business – companies can beat the odds.” said Stewart. “Historically only about a third of businesses successfully make the transition from first to second generation and a woeful 15-17% are able to transition from second to third. Yet, because of their attention to the importance of creating a clear strategic plan and preparing its next generation of leaders, A+ Corporation has been able to succeed in their transition.” Stewart added.

“We are thrilled to give this, our first Excellence Award, to the Mayeaux family and to A+”, said Vicki Jodsaas, president of Galliard Group. “They have diligently worked with trusted advisors to help bring this company through to its bright new future. Together they have done so in a way that honors the legacy and secures the future of the business on behalf of family, employees, and community.”

Galliard, a nationally-recognized consulting and training firm, helps small family-owned and closely-held businesses thrive during generational transition. The philosophy of the Galliard Family Business Advisor program is to provide services that support the dignified and successful transition of a business from one generation of ownership to the next.

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