(GONZALES, LA) – Shannon Harvey has been named Vice President of A+ Corporation, a family-owned and operated business with headquarters in Gonzales, LA. Having been employed at A+ for more than a decade now, she previously managed the Marketing department and Human Resource duties for the company.

Originally working closely with A+’s founder and family management team since her hire, Shannon has been included in many high level discussions. Some of her duties included patent filings, strategic planning, and board level meetings which helped form the unique perspective needed to fulfill this role.

“I’m excited and extremely proud to be an integral part of the future growth of our company,” said Harvey. “I’ve always been interested in taking on more responsibility where needed. Going forward, I’m ready to support Justin in making A+ a successfully run company thriving even in today’s economy.”

Coming to A+ at just 20 years old, Shannon has been through many iterations of management and generational change that allow her the historical knowledge of the growth through the years. It’s important to her for everyone to know that A+ is a strong company supported by a strong, 3rd generation partnership with her husband.

“She and I are closely aligned in both our short and long-term goals, so strength and unity are assured. Further, she has continually served as both my partner in life and business over the last 10+ years so it only makes sense to formalize this partnership.” said her husband, company President Justin Harvey.