We are pleased to announce that for the first time in our history, A+ Corporation is now 100% woman owned. Sheila Mayeaux Harvey, daughter of our founder, Donald Mayeaux, has purchased the company after 25 years of working in the business. Previously as CFO and co-owner, Sheila remained behind the scenes focusing on creating a financially strong and independent business able to grow beyond the current vision. Eager to take on a bigger role, she took the reigns as President and CEO last year while completing the yearlong remaining buyout process.

Sheila brings to A+ her 30+ years of financial and management experience as well as a clear vision for the future. “Strength, stability and sustainable sales are the cornerstones of my philosophy,” Sheila says. While the ownership change will not impact anyone externally, many positive changes are happening internally including the development of a stronger management team, implementation of company-wide succession planning and laying the groundwork to facilitate current and future innovation. She adds, “I want to build on the foundation that my father left us in order to create a company that will grow and thrive for future generations.”