30 Years, 3 generations, 1 Goal

The mood is electric here as we proudly announce that A+ Corporation is now fully third generation owned. After almost 30 years as our CFO, Sheila Harvey has decided to retire and sell her remaining shares to my wife, Shannon, and me. This sale completes the transfer of ownership fully to the third generation, which started in 2015. This is the culmination of my long-terms goals. I was pleased to work with my family in the beginning, I was honored when I took over in 2015 and I am deeply humbled to be able to take my grandfather’s creation, along with Shannon, our COO, to levels he never dreamed.

2019 will mark our 30th year in business, and it is this auspicious year we will look back at and remember as the year it all started. We feel we are in another innovation revolution. We have new technologies being developed and tested which we feel will have as large an impact as the original Genie 101 or Genie Probe Regulator. Though our methodologies may differ from those of previous generations, our goals are the same. We are still committed to solving customer issues and we are just as passionate about sampling as we were 30 years ago. We are excited to take this journey and we invite you to come along with us.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a happy and prosperous 2019.

Justin Harvey, CEO