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The Original



When the first Genie Membrane
Separator was invented in 1989,
analyzers were protected from liquids
using coalescing filters. While these filters
are especially effective in removing large
quantities of liquids, they are not completely
effective at removing fine aerosols. Since
Genie Membrane Separators remove 100%
of liquids in gas streams, the separator was
quickly adopted as an inexpensive insurance
policy for analyzers. Even after more than
30 years, there are tens of thousands of our
original model 101 still in the field rejecting
liquids and protecting analyzers.

Patented Revolutionary Technology



Sampling applications can vary wildly due to gas quality, geographic location, and other factors, so why are so many sampling systems one-size-fits-all solutions? A+ considers all application factors when designing your sampling system to keep your system as simple as possible while still delivering an Analytically Correct sample to your analyzer.